Sprint Whistle with David Beckham

Posted on June 4, 2016 Under Blog

Vapor Post teamed up with Alma DDB and D’Avant-Garde Media to Deliver Sprint’s ambitious “Whistle”. The epic spot, which includes David Beckham in a fully CG filled stadium, premiered during the Copa América Centenario tournamment. Shot in Portugal using anamorphic lenses,and supervised by VFX artist Rudel Reyes and Film Editor Jorge Vallejo, this spot really made us stretch our Post-Production muscles.


  • Client: Sprint.
  • Agency: Alma DDB.
  • Alma VP Creative Director: Alvar Suñol.
  • Alma Creative Director: Juan Diego Guzman.
  • Alma Creative Director: Sergio Cuenca.
  • Alma Producer: Adrian Castagna.
  • Alma Producer: Allan Rivera.
  • Directors: Pablo Maestres and Martin Kalina.
  • Editor: Jorge Vallejo.
  • Colorist: Rudel Reyes.
  • VFX/Compositing: Rudel Reyes.
  • Flame Artist: John Holtzman.
  • Vapor Audio: Jose Toledo.
  • Vapor EP: Denisse Zeigen.
  • VO: Alex Barreto.


USH Idea Awards, Bronze.