Endorush Production and Post-Production

Posted on January 19, 2018 Under Cars Blog

Endo-rush presented us with the opportunity to create a mini-movie about a secret group of meta-humans which are looking for new members. Using cutting-edge production and post-production techniques we created a visually cinematic and futuristic Miami were this elite group of athletes lives. We crafted a cinematic experience that will resonate with the fitness community aficionados through social media and digital video platforms. Without being an obvious commercial, the brand is integrated organically into the storytelling and triggers all of the action.

For this shoot we used the ALEXA Mini that was very nice in regard to size and weight, very comfortable. The feeling that we wanted to get for the film was urban, kind of run-and-gun, and for that we needed a very light camera. The size of the ALEXA Mini gave us the freedom to move around easier. With handheld you can move around with the actor and let him be free. It changes the entire attitude of film-making, and it gives the actors more of a natural feeling of being in the scene. We also used anamorphic lenses that added the big feature feel to the apartment scenes and the gym where we wanted a superhero look and feel.


  • Client: Endorush.
  • Directors: Martin & Oscar.
  • Editor: Jorge Vallejo.
  • Colorist: Rudel Reyes.
  • VFX/Compositing: Rudel Reyes.
  • Flame Artist: John Holtzman.
  • Vapor Audio: Jose Toledo.
  • Vapor EP: Denisse Zeigen.