Alfa Romeo Stelvio “Unforgettable”

Posted on January 19, 2018 Under Blog

Alfa Romeo Stelvio
We were immediately inspired by the opportunity to collaborate with Miami based agency Sapient Razorfish to create something bold and intense for Alfa Romeo. And no, it’s not just because we love cars. We were thrilled to accept the challenge of this new-to-the-USA brand with a lot to say. The whole Italian Renaissance can be felt in this 1 minute piece. Shot entirely in Italy and inspired in the great design tradition of the Old Continent, the idea was to create a piece that had contemporary look and feel but still a Classic elegance. Colorist and VFX artist Rudel Reyes, Flame artist John Holzman, and Sound Designer José Toledo delivered this very personal masterpiece worthy of a museum.


  • Client: Alfa Romeo.
  • Agency: Sapient.
  • Colorist: Rudel Reyes.
  • VFX/Compositing: Rudel Reyes.
  • Flame Artist: John Holtzman.
  • Vapor Audio: Jose Toledo.
  • Vapor EP: Denisse Zeigen.
  • Vapor Producer: Alex Barreto.